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Justicia para Atenco, ahora

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Once años de camino en la búsqueda de justicia, verdad y reparación han recorrido las once luchadoras de Atenco. Su causa ha terminado en la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, en una audiencia donde recientemente sus testimonios demostraron que en un México violento no es lo mismo vivir siendo mujer que hombre, además de que las consecuencias de la violencia del Estado trascienden de maneras diferentes.

Este caso demuestra cómo, después de sufrir delitos o violaciones graves a derechos humanos, el trayecto de las víctimas para lograr la responsabilidad de quienes las han dañado está lleno de obstáculos; un camino donde las autoridades en vez de ayudar, limitan, en vez de actuar, imposibilitan, en vez de garantizar, obstaculizan. Es la ejemplificación de la búsqueda de justicia cuando se tiene rostro femenino, cuando prevalecen estereotipos.

Durante esos once años las autoridades mexicanas no pudieron garantizarles verdad: ¿Quién estaba al mando del operativo?, ¿quién sabía de las atrocidades que estaban cometiéndose contra hombres y mujeres, y no actuaron?  El caso sigue en total impunidad. Las investigaciones de los posibles responsables no han culminado. Tampoco se ha reparado integralmente a las víctimas ni se les ha escuchado, a pesar de que, como lo mencionaron, el Estado reiteró durante la audiencia que les ofrecieron medidas de reparación.

El caso sigue en total impunidad. Las investigaciones de los posibles responsables no han culminado. Tampoco se ha reparado integralmente a las víctimas ni se les ha escuchado

Su audiencia Comisión Interamericana evidenció que aunque México cuenta con la Ley General de Acceso de las Mujeres a una Vida Libre de Violencia, eso no garantiza que los derechos de las mujeres sean protegidos, pues las normas deben de ser materializadas por las autoridades, su mera existencia no resuelve la situación en la que vivimos las mujeres en el México violento.

Las autoridades deben aplicar las medidas de justicia y reparación que ordené la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, para que Atenco no se repita en ningún lugar del país.

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Pamela Velázquez Zambrano

Es abogada por la Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla. En la actualidad se desempeña como investigadora del IJPP. Colaboró con el Observatorio de Violencia Social y Género del Instituto de Derechos Humanos Ignacio Ellacuría; fue investigadora en Documenta, AC, y trabajó en la Dirección de Casos de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores. Fue además fellow Jorge Carpizo en la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos [Washington, DC] y realizó una visita profesional a la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos [Costa Rica]. 

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    one of you fell on hard times, the others would support you.

    In our society, it is impossible to get everyone consent for specific laws,
    but social contract theorists argue that you are consenting to this
    situation by living in the society. Cheap Swimsuits

    I don think she would be interested in doing the show again and
    especially not as the bachelorette. I think she has seen production in action and most likely does not trust them to
    provide her with the right support she understands that the producers are not always your
    friend especially after HEA which was not a great experience for her.
    I don think we saw her true personality as she was so
    guarded when in front of the camera.

    bikini swimsuit They still behind on this but they at
    least started offering better cuts. Overall, there are just far superior
    options out there than Jos A Bank/Men Wearhouse, with better build quality and better materials, for roughly the
    same prices. J Crew sales, Nordstrom Rack and other department stores,
    all better.. bikini swimsuit

    Cheap Swimsuits Starting with ur draft picks.It's to easy to say nerf this or buff that.
    5 points submitted 14 days agoShe has a high
    skill cap wherein players have to not only land
    skillshots, knowing her different CDs while also remembering to switch forms constantly.Her optimum range isn as high as other ranged mages.
    Heck, she has to get into most heroes attack range to even work her magic.Her kit lacks team wide effects (hard AoE CC, AoE damage,
    healing/buffing). Cheap Swimsuits

    Cheap Swimsuits I really liked it, I'd mix
    mine with a smash box primer (v silicon heavy) and
    it gave amazing coverage. Too much coverage actually, and so I've switched to a lighter one now that I don't care as much about all of my redness being covered.
    It'd probably be great for oily skin, mine is pretty dry so
    it could look a little crusty if I packed it on without primer mixed in. Cheap Swimsuits

    dresses sale Breastfeeding my kids into toddlerhood was never something I
    set out to do. When I was pregnant with C, I told myself that I breastfeed as
    long as I could, or until six months, whichever came first.
    Six months came and went, and I just figured I keep going.
    dresses sale

    Cheap Swimsuits I called family members, then we moved on to grandpa.
    Ay ay ay! My grandpa didn know what is a prank
    call. He thought i was a crazy lunitic with a voice changer and screamed through the phone he will call the police.

    Fell asleep on the couch the night before, I might have been awake 15 minutes.
    Turned the TV on and had the urge of a full
    bladder so off to the bathroom. As I peeing, standing by the way, my heart starts racing really fast and
    I get dizzy. Cheap Swimsuits

    bikini swimsuit His potential sprung when it least expected and he lost his head when he
    needed most. The problem with Niang is that he one of those players with a shitload of talent
    but a poor mentality. He one of those players that seems capable of becoming very good in a very short period
    of time if he gets his mentality sorted out
    and starts working harder bikini swimsuit.

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    Cheap Swimsuits
    I can actually explain the point one by one, but I don think
    it deserve my time. The point is: Nobody is important enough for
    us to spy on, if you don trust us, simply don buy our product.

    If same effort is spent on inspecting Facebook App, then I believe it will also
    be named Spyware..

    one piece swimsuits My thoughts exactly. Even if they decide to go cartoony
    like the anime. Imagining zoro actor holding a sword in his mouth and trying to do a sword slash combo
    by moving his neck around just feels awkward. It doable but
    all that logic is maintained by Emacs already.But in the end,
    nothing stops you from using git, storing submodules,
    or having a script to update your repos on demand. I not sure why they did this though,
    the only reason I can think of is that GNU wanted to
    have a "home" for emacs packages. Maybe some greybeard remembers
    a mailing list conversation about this and can fill you
    in.BUT, this is Emacs after all, so if you do want to do it the
    clone from git way you can. one piece swimsuits

    one piece swimsuits And of course there was the official paperwork.
    The show's producers have a security firm take care of that, and they
    were all business! The thirty two of us were corralled together all
    day, had to go to the bathroom in guarded groups, had to have our cell phones OFF, and were told not to talk to
    ANYBODY except the contestant crew. Any communication with friends or
    members of the production crew or people in the audience during the tapings could be construed as
    an attempt to CHEAT. one piece swimsuits

    Cheap Swimsuits You don't want to squish them together via either the straps
    being far apart or the shape of the cups pushing them inwards.
    In the unpadded cuts such as BM or SF, you likely wear the same
    size as you would take in an unpadded Cleo (which is looking like around 30G, so for Ewa sizing scheme, that would be a 65G).Ewa padded bras typically run at least 1 cup smaller than her unpadded bras the difference can be greater depending on the specific cut you looking at, and your individual breast shape characteristics.
    So if you looking at one of the padded bras such as S, PL or CHP, you
    probably going to want to bump up at least one cup volume (possibly 2), so 65GG.And, with your specific UB measurements, you
    may find that you need to size up in the band, as many of her bras tend
    to run tight. Cheap Swimsuits

    Women's Swimwear We all love our tech. Our smartphones, tablets and computers make our
    lives easier and more entertaining, but it is possible to love them too
    much. A 2014 study by a marketing agency found that about 16% of 18 to 25 year olds are
    involved in compulsive internet use, which could lead to addiction..

    Women's Swimwear

    Bathing Suits In essence yes, many credit cards offer bonuses to entice you to spend money
    in hopes that you won pay it off in time and they
    get to charge you interest. People who utilize the bonuses but always pay off the full
    balance each statement are not profitable to creditors but the community of people who do
    that is small enough that it isn an issue for them. There is a lot of benefit to
    working the credit card system if you are smart about it and stay within your means.

    Bathing Suits

    dresses sale Yet the $55 share price assumes the businesses
    are still worth what the company paid for. That's a bold statement I'm definitely NOT standing by.
    Say Auxilium, a women's and men's health pharma company,
    clearly did not stand up to management aspirations.
    dresses sale

    Tankini Swimwear Each contestant will perform their own classic song via karaoke
    style during which, they have to endure extremely wild and scary challenges.
    Following both contestants performances, the audience members vote on which
    singer they feel performed the best under the circumstances.
    One singer advances to the final showdown round, and the other is eliminated
    from the game.. Tankini Swimwear

    bikini swimsuit Decline push ups focus on the upper pectoral muscles.
    When doing an incline push up you raise your upper body.

    When doing a decline push up you raise your feet.
    If we give the 700 standard Roadster units a generous 40%
    GM ($200k x 40%) it will only bring in $56 million (700 x $80k)
    upon delivery, of which they have already received $35 million in reservation funds.
    So, after delivering the assumed first 1,200 Roadsters just $21
    million in new cash will make it into Tesla coffers in 2020.
    After subtracting the $160 million (received up front in reservations) from the development costs of say $250 million Tesla will still need $90
    $21= $69 million in new gross margin from follow on sales just to break even on the product
    line. bikini swimsuit

    cheap swimwear If loose, the excess material was bunched around the
    waist and, as Owen Crocker describes, "hung in folds around the legs".[11]
    Garters or leggings accompanied narrow trousers.
    Pieces of fabric attached to the trousers forming belt loops so
    that the garment could be at held in place at the waist by a belt.[12]Leggings, usually worn in pairs,
    acted as additional protection for the legs. The first legging,
    referred to as the legging proper or stocking, consisted of woven fabric or leather.
    cheap swimwear

    dresses sale I think that it makes sense to look to outside help to help us figure it out.
    I'd like to see a counselor to get a second opinion about what is most healthy
    for our relationship. If what you truly want is for me to be less unhappy, I am telling
    you that this is what I want and that this is what I think might best address our problem.
    dresses sale

    Tankini Swimwear On days where she happy and sleeps well, I do
    love playing with her when she wakes up and can wait.
    But she turns into a fussy baby when she is awake almost all day,
    like today. So I would say it varies for me. In case you're wondering, "jorts" is shorthand for "jean shorts," and
    one thing's for sure, jeans cutoffs are hot right now.
    Just about every Hollywood starlet has been photographed wearing a
    pair of frayed denim shorts, ala 1989. Are you thinking about cutting into a pair of old
    jeans? Well, just be careful about where you make the cut with your scissors.
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    cheap bikinis I wish I had a good solution to that problem other than my current one which
    is getting rid of magic altogether.mistborn 18 points submitted 1 month agoMy essay, Sanderson First Law, might help you.
    I compare the two archetypes you talking about, and try to
    highlight how they can each be used.The type of magic you looking for works very well in stories like LotR
    and Earthsea, and in some modern New Weird style stories as well.

    (Even a lot of urban fantasy.) This type
    of magic is less a tool, and more a force of nature.
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    one piece swimsuits Our Portfolios Don't Always Beat The Market In our most recent article (Our Worst Performing Portfolio So Far), we updated the performance on one
    of the portfolios we presented to our Bulletproof Investing
    subscribers on June 8th. Here, we update the performance of the other two
    presented that day. Like the race car drivers pictured
    above, we can't expect to win every time, but we equip
    our portfolios with the investing equivalent of helmets and fire retardant suits to limit
    their downside risk while aiming for competitive returns..
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    Cheap Swimsuits For those which are only deserving of
    one loadout (AB, FM, HF, DE when I get there, and BS is listed here only because
    maybe they fix it), once the build is complete (including recalibration),
    I deconstruct all duplicates.For me, the three toons are enough.
    My fourth is currently level 8 (I deleted a level 14 version to
    play alongside my son, but he rather play Fortnite
    and Siege with his friends). Managing the inventories and stash is tedious, to be sure my wife makes fun of the fact
    that I log in, spend twenty minutes at the recalibration station,
    swap items into and out of the stash, log out, log back in with a different toon, rinse and repeat, and never actually play Cheap Swimsuits.

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    pin on ideas for christmas giftconverse 159703 one star gold camoireland womens converse slip on sneakers140354c para mujer converse chuck taylor all marimekko tops
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